Leadership EQ Quiz

Your Path to Success

After taking this assessment/quiz below, check your inbox right away. There you will find a summary of your results and some important next steps I’m suggesting you take based on where you are on your path to becoming a more effective leader.

0 = I’ve not addressed this at all.
4 = I’ve given this some attention.
7 = I’m doing really well here.
10 = I’ve totally nailed this.

I. Self-Awareness
1. I have a strong belief in my self-worth and capabilities.
2. I am constantly mindful of my emotions and their effect on others.
3. I regularly evaluate my strengths and limits.
II. Social Awareness
1. I am constantly aware of other's feelings/perspectives, and take an active interest in their concerns.
2. I am 100% confident in my ability to read a group's emotional currents and power relationships.
3. I feel good about my ability to anticipate, recognize, and meet the needs of others.
III. Self-Management
1. I am confident in my optimistic pursuit of goals despite obstacles and setbacks.
2. I am known for my integrity and acting congruently with my values.
3. I regularly ask for feedback on how my emotions and reactions effect my team's performance.
IV. Relationship Management
1. I have developed a high level of sensing others' development needs and bolstering their abilities.
2. My managers and I are perceived as highly engaging and motivating to our staff.
3. I regularly model the way I expect my team to initiate or manage change.
V. Leadership Skills
1. My team and I do not take conflict personally and do not judge, blame or criticize each other.
2. I am continually striving to develop my skill in hiring great leaders and employees.
3. I regularly model the way I expect my managers to coach and develop others
VI. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)
1. I am ready and open to discovering exactly what's been holding me back.
2. If invited, I would like to schedule a complimentary strategy session to explore my needs and some next steps.
3. I understand the importance of investing in getting support to take my leadership skills to the next level.

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